Ford Synch Technology

June 2nd, 2019 by

If faster responses, improved ease of use, bigger buttons, and fluid navigation are features that you care about, then Ford’s Sync Technology more than delivers.

Ford Sync Technology is an industry leader when it comes to touch-screen-based infotainment systems. Most systems have buggy reliability, shoddy interfaces, and slow system response, but Ford Sync Technology learns from those mistakes and measures up to industry benchmarks.

For instance, Ford Sync 3 ditches the high-tech glossy look sported by MyFord Touch and goes for a more earnest and straightforward design. The result is huge fonts and big onscreen buttons, which is just what you want when driving.

Ford Sync Technology shows that there is more value in less, and goes with an interface design that is clutter free. It sticks to the essentials and proves to be a far better experience. It’s navigation system is on par with Tesla’s own navigation system, as such, it is easy to quickly search for points of interest by typing out the name. Advanced navigation systems are hidden for later if you really need them.


1) Bluetooth – All versions of the Sync boast Bluetooth hands-free calling, letting you place phone calls by the push of a button and calling out the name of the person you want to call.

2) Satellite Radio – You can enjoy access to an impressive lineup of the best radio stations in the country, including a great selection of music choices, sports, audio from your favorite TV channels, and talk radio programs.

3) Smartphone Integration – This is available with Sync 3. It provides you with advanced smartphone app integration software that works with both Android Auto for Android devices and Apple CarPlay for iPhones. The software efficiently mirrors your phone’s interface on the dashboard, giving you access to your favorite apps

4) TravelLink and Sirus XM – Ford SYNC Technology boasts voice activated commands that let you enter your destination vocally without the need to take your hands off the wheels. This can be important if you’re hard pressed for time and you want to make every second count. You can also get the latest weather and traffic updates, and even information related to gas prices.

5) Sync Connect – This feature lets you stay connected to your vehicle, providing you with crucial information related to the vehicle directly from the SYNC Connect app on your smartphone, this includes data like current mileage, the amount of fuel in the tank, and basic vehicle diagnostics. You can control a few feature remotely such as starting, unlocking, and locking the vehicle.

6) 911 Assist – Thanks to Ford Sync Technology, you can now place emergency calls automatically when disaster strikes, such as collisions. Phone calls are made through your smartphone.

7) Premium Touchscreens – Ford Sync Technology infotainment touchscreen comes with four color coded boxes that allow you to control entertainment, climate, and navigation. Ford Sync 3 gives you more advanced options such as faster response times, zoom functionality, and swipe, mimicking the functionalities on most smartphone devices.