Longmont Ford Review: How Easy Is it to Park the 2018 Expedition?

November 1st, 2018 by

How easy is it to park the 2018 Ford Expedition? The simple answer is: it’s never been easier. Let’s take a look at how Ford is making life better for busy parents behind the wheel.

Rearview Camera
The Expedition has a standard rearview camera. When your Ford is in reverse, you’ll have a clear view of any bike, kid, pet, or obstacle behind you. Ford equips the Expedition with a dedicated washer to clean the camera lens. You won’t have a smudge between you and a safe view.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
When you are in reverse, you can’t see a car coming toward you. Fortunately, when the Expedition is equipped with a rear cross-traffic warning, you’ll get an alert. This prompts you to stop before running into a moving vehicle.

Parallel Parking System
Ford’s parking system is now available on the 2018 Ford Expedition at Longmont Ford dealer Boulder CO. It can do all of the work, leaving you with less stress when you need to put this big rig into a tight space. Learn about financing.

Trailer Pro Backup Assist
Only Ford has Pro Backup Assist for your tandem trailer, and it’s only available on Ford trucks and the Expedition. If you are pulling a boat or camper, you’ll have assistance as you back into place. Drivers have a dedicated knob that does the work instead of using the steering wheel. This helps you inch it into place. Ford also has the only blind spot system with extra cameras for your tandem trailer.

Come take the 2018 Expedition for a test drive and check out all of its safety features. The SUV is available now at Longmont Ford dealer Boulder CO.