Longmont Ford Reviews the 2019 Ford Sync Technology

December 15th, 2018 by

Ford has transformed the way we look at and interact with our vehicles and the introduction of Ford’s Sync Technology, we can get a glimpse into the future of in-car communication. Becoming standard technology on many 2007+ Ford vehicles across the world, SYNC has made answering phone calls, controlling music, and many other in car processes much easier and safer for drivers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the consumer favorite features and see exactly why SYNC is leading the industry.

Cell Phone Integration
One of the consumer’s favorite features of the Ford SYNC system is the ability to easily connect your cell phone for hands free calling, audible SMS messaging, “Push To Talk” steering wheel controls, and a growing number of other features built right into the system. Simply connect your smartphone to the SYNC system using the Bluetooth function and get hand free access to many of your cell phone’s features.

The basis of any car’s stereo system is the accessibility and sound quality of the system. SYNC not only sounds great with it’s many multi speaker options, it is very user friendly, giving you access to many different controls not normally found on conventional audio systems. A full entertainment section of SYNC allows you to control everything at the push of a button.

911 Assistance
With SYNC’s new 911 assist feature, Ford has raised the bar for vehicle safety. Putting safety as their number one priority, Ford has developed a system that not only assists you during an accident, but can dial a local 911 operator if it detects that your airbags have been deployed. Ford has truly thought of everything as they have integrated a 10 second window to allow you to cancel the call if 911 assistance is not needed. Communicating with the 911 operator is easy from any position of the car through the SYNC system.

One of the most frustrating tasks in the past during a road trip was having to read a map or try to keep up with directions printed off of your computer. Luckily, with advancements in technology, we can get turn by turn directions straight from our cell phones. While driving, this can be dangerous if you are having to look down at your phone, so Ford brought forth a solution. SYNC has audible turn by turn directions as well as a built it GPS map to allow you to easily navigate while keeping your focus on the road.

Vehicle Health Reports
Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance can be a task in its own, not to mention having to notice low tire until it’s too late. Luckily, Ford’s SYNC has a vehicle health report program built in to keep you in the known of important vehicle analytics. This can range from tire pressure monitoring, engine oil life, and other basic engine health reports. This allows consumers to take better care of their cars to ensure that they are lasting as long as they should.